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Trade in your DSLR Lens for Cash | Camera Lens

Tradelectronics is one of the largest used electronics platform in Sydney. We buy used Canon lens, Nikon lens, Tamron lens, Zeiss lens and more. Sell used camera lens to Tradelectronics for a high price.

Similar to dslrs, we might not be experts in photography skills but we are highly trained in inspecting Camera Lens. Dust, mold, functionality, cracks, inner glass and more are some of the things we look out for. Sell your camera lens to Tradelectronics and upgrade to better ones!

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Tradelectronics is the BEST place to sell dslr and camera lens for cash in Sydney!

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Our address is 299 Sussex St Sydney NSW 2000

In consideration of protecting customer data to avoid data breach, we implement strict measures that ensure each computer, Mac or other electronics to perform a computer formatting process and a system reinstallation. You may choose to remove privacy information yourself, or leave it to us!

We ensure that your data is formatted  and wiped out before selling it to other customers. Also, we avoid stash electronics at all costs. If it did happen, we will report to the local authority immdiately.

Currently, we offer local pickups in Sydney CBD. Interested in our local pickup service? Enquire through WhatsApp or facebook page for more details

We are selling all verified and refurbished electronics on ebay! Search tradelectronic or click HERE to find us on eBay!

Enquire online through Whatsapp or facebook messenger 24hrs!

Our office is open from 12pm to 8pm Mon – Sat

Postage valuation saves yourself time of coming to our store. Simply follow these steps

  1. Get initial estimate through Whatsapp or facebook messenger
  2. Use the freepost bag or printed labels to post your device to us via one of our simple posting options
  3. Include a copy of your Government issued I.D
  4. Complete our sales contract online (via email through Adobe Sign)
  5. Get paid!

You may visit our store for onsite valuation and get paid with CASH.

Or we may transfer directly to your bank account (bank fees may apply).