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There is a better way to destroy data, we use the “Three-Pass” procedure designed to prevent data from being recovered by commercially available processes.

  • Pass 1: Overwrite all addressable locations with binary zeroes.
  • Pass 2: Overwrite all addressable locations with binary ones (the compliment of the above).
  • Pass 3: Overwrite all addressable locations with a random bit pattern
  • Verify the final overwrite pass

USA Defense level of Erasing the data in your device, and get paid to do so! Liquidate your electronics with Tradelectronics now!

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We partnered with iMT-cleaner to erase data in your devices professionally. iMT-Cleaner is industry-leading data erasing software, and certified by the following organisations. 

  • Complies with USA Defense DOD 5220.22-M Data erase protocol

  • Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance, ADISA certified

  • ISO 27001 Certified