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Wondering where to sell iPad pro? Sell iPad pro at tradelectronics Sydney for best price! Apple’s iPad Pro has changed a lot this year. Generally speaking, it’s a step further to productivity devices. Can it really replace the laptop and become the main device of people’s daily office, especially mobile office? Let’s find out.

Appearance: The generation with biggest change as compared to previous model. 

The basic design of the iPad series, which used to be a one-piece metal body + circular arc backplane, finally began to say goodbye after many years of firmness. For this reason, 2018 iPad Pro is enough to leave a mark in the history of iPad products. From the aspect of appearance, it home is quite satisfied with the 2018 iPad pro. The hard and square metal middle frame is as crisp as a knife, with a thickness of only 5.9mm (both 11 inch and 12.9 inch versions). This kind of design similar to iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 is put on a large screen device such as iPad. In fact, the influence of thickness on the color value is quite obvious. If it is a little thicker, it will appear that the whole device is “silly and thick”,

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Screen display: Still remain high quality.

Apple iPad Pro Series has always had outstanding performance and good user reputation in screen display quality, especially after the introduction of promotion technology, it is more smooth and smooth. The screen of 2018 iPad Pro also has a good visual angle. In addition to a slight reduction in brightness, there is no obvious deviation between the display of color and content compared with the front view angle. With the support of promotion technology, the new iPad Pro is better than the first generation in the smoothness of dynamic content display on the screen. After all, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate. The effect of this technology is believed that you have learned from the previous 10.5-inch iPad pro and the previous 12.9-inch iPad Pro products

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Performance experience: The advantages of combination of hardware and software

Apple has equipped an a12x bionic chip for the 2018 iPad pro. It is an extended version of the A12 bionic chip on the iPhone XS series and the iPhone xrwith a 7Nm process. It integrates 10 billion transistors (A12 is 6.9 billion transistors), including eight CPU cores, including four performance cores and four efficiency cores (A12 is a six core design). According to apple, its single core performance is 35% higher than that of the previous product (a10x), and its comprehensive performance is 90% higher. Since it’s an extended version of A12 bionic, a12x bionic must be closely related to A12 bionic according to previous experience. Although Apple didn’t disclose the details of a12x, it can be inferred that the basic components of a12x should not be too different from A12, only the performance of individual components has been improved. Among them, the neural network engine of the a12x bionic chip is particularly worth mentioning. Apple logo has been deeply enhanced in the a12x bionic chip, supporting various advanced machine learning functions from photography to AR, enabling the a12x bionic chip to complete 5 trillion operations per second.

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The face ID on the iPad Pro is basically the same as the experience on the iPhone. It should be noted that this year’s iPad Pro uses a full screen with four sides of the same width, so when you use the iPad When the Pro is picked up from the desktop, there is no need to consider whether the direction is wrong, because the system will automatically rotate the screen according to the posture you picked up to match the viewing, which is different from the original side where you default to have the home key is the bottom. So when using face ID to unlock, the camera and face angle may be awkward. Apple takes this into consideration when you pick up the iPad When the Pro is unlocked with the camera at the bottom, the system will remind you to “look down to unlock”. At this time, you can unlock it by slightly lowering your head. If you accidentally cover the camera when you pick up the device, the system will also remind you that the camera is covered. You just need to adjust the holding position, that is to say, no matter which direction you pick up the device, you can successfully use the face ID Unlock. However, when entering the face ID, the system still forces the device to be vertical and the camera is at the top of the screen.