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On February 20, Lenovo officially brought the new Xiaoxin air 14 2020 notebook, and the processor was updated from 14nm core comet Lake platform to 10nm core ice lake platform. At the same time, the graphics card has also been upgraded to mx350 display, which can be said to be the first notebook product equipped with mx350.

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Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 adopts a three sided metal fuselage design, and the surface of the fuselage adopts metal frosting technology, which makes the handle smooth and not easy to leave fingerprints. Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 adopts a three sided metal fuselage design, and the surface of the fuselage adopts metal frosting technology, which makes the handle smooth and not easy to leave fingerprints. Lift the top cover, the screen shaft damping control of the machine is very good, you can easily open the screen with one hand. Down the screen experience, comfortable keyboard feel will leave a very intuitive impression. The keyboard has a key range of 1.3mm, but the overall elastic feedback is very clear. Xiaoxin air 14 2020 integrates the previous 2019 independent fingerprint recognizer into the power key, and supports fingerprint boot unlocking, which greatly improves the utilization of fingerprint recognizer.

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The interface is still the strength of Xiaoxin air 14 series. The left interface of the fuselage is a fully functional type-C interface, which integrates USB 3.2 GEN1, PD 3.0 charging and DP 1.2 video transmission. This is also a big difference between the Xiaoxin air 14 2020 and the 2019 model. It cancels the traditional charging interface and supports 65W PD charging. In addition, this side also carries HDMI and 3.5mm headphone microphone jack. Two USB 3.2 GEN1 and standard SD card readers are installed on the right side of the fuselage.

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Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 14 2020 is equipped with a 14 inch FHD IPS display screen, which adopts a four sided narrow frame design, accounting for 90% of the screen. With eye care eye protection function, support 100% sRGB (typical value), screen brightness can reach 300nits. Hardware configuration is the highlight of Xiaoxin air 14 2020. In addition to the configuration of Intel’s core 10nm ice lake processor, it is also the industry’s first new product with NVIDIA geforce mx350. Intel 10 generation core i5 1035g1 adopts 10nm process design, the basic frequency is 1.0ghz, the highest frequency is 3.6ghz, it has 6MB three-level cache, adopts 4-core 8-thread design, and the standard TDP is 15W. Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 is also the first new product with 16GB ddr4-3200mhz memory. In terms of storage, Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 still adheres to the configuration of high-capacity solid-state disk. In terms of heat dissipation, Xiaoxin air 14 2020 adopts “typhoon” cooling system, with 12V high-performance large volume fan, reaching the fan specification of game book, with higher speed and larger diameter, it can quickly discharge heat. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Xiaoxin air 14 2020 also uses Xinyue 7921 thermal conductive silicone grease, which can make heat conduction more efficient.

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The first 10 generation core processor with mx350 and 10nm, large memory of 16GB, and SSD performance of leapfrogging. With comprehensive experience, Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 can be regarded as an all-round laptop with excellent performance and excellent experience in all aspects. Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 14 2020 is positioned as a light and thin version, but the addition of mx350 makes Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 14 2020 have the game performance that the thin book does not have, and enriches the user’s use scenarios.