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IOS 13.2.3 official experience sharing, this experience device is iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone x, iPhone 7 plus.

1. update the content. 1. No improvement in fluency. 2. The background reservation is the same as the previous version. 2. Fixed the problems. 1. Fixed the problems that the search in “mail”, “file” and “Memo” may not work. 2. Fixed the problem that photos, links and other attachments may not be displayed in the information details view. 3. Fixed the problem that app may not be able to download content in the background. 4. Solved the problem that “mail” may not be able to get new mail.

2. Existing problems: 1. When wechat uses quick reply, some devices default to English mode. 2. After wechat sends voice, the full screen iPhone X and iPad will display the red microphone icon in the status bar, while the non full screen iPhone will turn red in the top status bar. (maybe Apple adjusted this way. Let’s mark it here for now.). 3. When the iPad version of Tencent video receives the message push, the volume adjustment animation will still appear. 4. Some apps will still flash back. 5. The king’s glory input method on the 6.5-inch Max version is complete. 6. If you open some software on iPhone, you may still have volume bar problem.

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3.For endurance and fever, the four-hour endurance test is adopted, with the test items of microblog, music, game, buffeting and off screen standby. Among them, the test of off screen standby is 2 hours, and the other four test items are half an hour. Turn off the automatic brightness adjustment, and use Siri to adjust the brightness to 50% and the volume to 50%.

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4.After this update, the overall fluency has not improved, but the endurance has improved a little. There is no difference between the previous version and the previous version in terms of heat generation. The number of applications reserved in the background is basically the same as that in the previous version, starting with 18 background applications. There is no difference in other aspects.