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iMac Pro

The iMac Pro is one of Apple’s most powerful Macs the Cupertino company has ever made. Even in the shadow of the Mac Pro 2019, this all in one PC is still high on [...]

Moto G7

OUR VERDICTAt first glance, the Moto G7 looks like a much more expensive phone than it actually is. It may not offer top-end power or an incredible camera experience, but if you’re on the lookout [...]

Redmi Note 5

OUR VERDICTThere’s nothing wrong with the Note 5 except for the fact that it doesn’t look like an upgrade. It’s more like a tweaked version of the smartphone that made waves last year. FORImpressive [...]

Oppo A77

Oppo’s new A77 is a step up from the cheaper A57 which impressed us a couple of months ago. There’s big competition from the impressive Moto G5 Plus and the Huawei GR5, so how does this fare? And do you [...]

Oppo R9s review

OUR VERDICTOffering a flagship feel at half the price of its competitors, the Oppo R9s is one of the best mid-range handsets on the market, though don't expect stellar game performance. FORPremium feelSolid buildLong [...]


OUR VERDICTThe G6 is a great phone from LG, one that pushes the brand back to the forefront of the smartphone pile in terms of design and screen. However, lower-spec performance and not upgrading the [...]

Google Pixel XL

OUR VERDICTThe Pixel XL features 2016's top-of-the-line specs and is a fine vessel for Android Oreo. This VR-capable phone has a suitably fast processor, even by 2018 standards, and a superb camera, all sandwiched into [...]

Huawei P10 Plus

OUR VERDICT In isolation, this is a really good phone. But in comparison with what else is on the market, its proposition falls apart. It’s not the best in the flagship price category, and [...]

Huawei Nova 3i

OUR VERDICT The Huawei Nova 3i stands out in the crowded mid-range category. It has a promising camera setup, a decent processor, a good display, and a delicate yet premium design. FOR [...]

Moto G6

OUR VERDICTThe Moto G6 may not feel or run like a flagship phone, but it’s not pretending to be one. The G6 offers a lot of solid features, plus extras including some fun camera features, [...]

Oppo R15 Pro

OUR VERDICT With premium performance, design, and camera chops,Oppo's notched wonder is only let down by poor battery life and some dated features FOR Delightful display and aesthetic Premium design and [...]

Huawei Nova 3e review

OUR VERDICT If you're looking for that glass-backed, notch-toting aesthetic, then the Huawei Nova 3e offers up many of the premium features, functions and feelings of its contemporaneous peers, but at a severely reduced [...]

Oppo R11s reviews

OUR VERDICTWith the R11s, Oppo has once again produced a surprisingly premium handset that's capable of standing up to the big boys, making it an affordable alternative to high-end competitors like the iPhone X and [...]